Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A routine is slowly emerging from the chaos...

There are many wonderful things about this house.

It's quiet. Not the "I hear every noise in the house kind of quiet" but the "I'm safe here" kind of quiet.

MissAngelPreschooler ADORES her purple room. She even goes upstairs ON HER OWN to nap in the afternoon. No bribery or nap warden required. At the old house, naps involved me standing outside her room trying to get a work out in the eight foot square hallway that also contained a dresser, a shoe rack that wouldn't fit any where else, a brass coat rack, a large quantity of toys, and a shelving system that was rigged in a vain attempt to give MissAngelPreteen a sense of normalcy. I spent the afternoons shouting "go to sleep!" while tripping on mass quantities of crap.

It was lovely.

The space here is nice.

The extra bathrooms is wonderful. I don't even mind that we have to do a potty tour twelve times a day. Seriously, I've even seen the child pee in the downstairs toilet, only to announce that she was going to poo in the upstairs toilet. All I've got to say is, the kids got serious control.

The washer and dryer are heaven. Sheer heaven.

And I've been cooking. So much cooking.

We've also had company, for the first time in four years. I even had coffee at the table with my mother.

Yeah, that was awkward. But I got to see my beautiful little sister, which made up for it.

Still, there is a mountain of boxes to my right. A pile of crap the size of Mt. Rushmore in my garage. A living room, hallway, two bathrooms, and a front bedroom. that needs to be painted. My baby is still half naked, and we really should rename the dog Sybil. A mountain of laundry in my basement.

Life is good. Now I have to go clean up from last night's dinner.

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