Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's only sin if someone else is doing it.

I'm wondering.... if this is the disconnect.

 This is what causes people to run, screaming, from Christianity. Or is it just me? Have I spent too much time watching the chaos ensue over at Cafemom, watching the non-traditional and pagan religions defend themselves against the righteous onslaught of judgment heaved from the Traditional Christians.

I've sat through services as an obese, angry man preached against homosexuality, preached against alcohol, preached against women wearing pants.

 He preached to a congregation of straight teetotallers in skirts.

Yet, he railed on, and parishioners would compliment the services week in and out. Why?
Because he didn't mention all of the sins rampant through the church. The gluttony. The wrath. The gossip.

He didn't mention his own sin. Everyone went home several dollars lighter, feeling righteous and heaven bound, ready to  pass judgment on everyone else's sin.

 This is why people hate Christians. This, right here.

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