Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why the NAACP and liberals everywhere should shut the hell up


I'm tired of the word. I'm tired of being called it for not liking the president. I wouldn't like this president if he were the cookie monster, and I LOVE the cookie monster.

This whole NAACP/TEA party debacle has me marginally annoyed. Ok, not the NAACP so much, it's the liberal bloggers circling like so many vultures. You expect it from the NAACP. Anyone who still refers to African Americans as colored people (hint: it's in the name) in a business sense clearly doesn't have a whole lot of brains to begin with.

The TEA party, it's argued, should expel the racists from their ranks. Please, by all means, dear libbies, you first. Perhaps you should start by ejecting Vice President Joe Biden from your ranks, and then possibly follow him up by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.. After that perhaps you'll be so kind as to out Former First Lady, Former Presidential candidate, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Of course many would even argue that President Barack Obama is a racist, but we won't talk about THAT. It's yesterday's news.

You know what? Right about now, throwing out every racist member of a party is sounding pretty darn good. Come on, liberals, you first!

If that weren't enough, though, it's like the democrats forgot the history of their own party.

The Democrats, not the Republicans, spent a good portion of our history attempting to keep the black man down. This is what's real. It was a Republican who drafted anti lynching legislation, and democrats filibustered it. It was a republican that ended slavery.

It was a Republican President who desegregated Arkansas schools. The list goes on.
Ok, so let me get this straight. The libs are mad because some idiot held up a tacky sign in the name of the tea party.

I'm mad that the democrats held up the entire process of civil rights.

Or maybe we should agree that one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch.

What do you think?

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