Friday, July 23, 2010

Fast food done wrong and oh, so right.

Just had to bail on McDonald's for the crappiest customer service in the history of the world. Evidently asking to see the menu is a crime. Did I ask to see the manager? No, I did not, because it was the manager who was incredulous that we didn't know what we wanted already. Since when is changing the menus between breakfast and lunch a fifteen minute job? Why is it that trying to regulate my spending is a crime? Here's an idea, if you want to stop serving breakfast and start serving lunch at ten thirty, try changing the menu over AT TEN THIRTY. We were still waiting for the boards to change at TEN FORTY.

Normal, healthy people don't know McDonald's menu by heart. Especially since they like to play the order by number game.

I'm sorry, it's been months since we ate at McDonalds, and now I remember why.

Walked out without spending one cent of my hard earned money on their corporately sponsored ineptitude.

Still hungry, we went over to Chick-fil-a (hello, sparklingly clean play place!). The person behind the counter smiled at me and thanked us for coming. He then informed us that it was "receipt day" which means that if we buy a spicy chicken sandwich (food of the gods), and save our receipt (do I ever throw them away?), we get to repeat our order FOR FREE in the next month.


Because Chick-Fil-A appreciates our business.


Then, after our order is taken, it is brought to our table... no milling about and causing confusion there! Hot and Fresh. And when you break the chicken nuggets apart...they are chicken.

Recognizable chicken. Chicken nuggets that look like the chicken nuggets I make from scratch and taste like small bites of heaven.

McDonalds, you fail. Evidently fast food can be well done, just not by you.

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