Monday, July 26, 2010

If you wouldn't say it about a muslim, don't say it about me.


I'm sick of people defending the integrity of Muslim religion, only to turn around and speak of Christianity with once size fits all lump sum bigotry. You say the word "Muslim" and the word "terrorist" in the same sentence, and you will be surrounded by massive amounts of individuals berating you... "You know they're not all terrorists, right? Islam is a peaceful religion." It doesn't matter that there have been some terrorist acts in the name of Islam. Islam has defenders.

Christianity doesn't.

Guess what? You don't know me. You don't know what I believe. I have the title, "Christian" because there isn't another word for follower of Christ. I'm not standing in your way to block your gay marriage, in fact, I've spoken openly in favor of it. I don't care if you want to smoke your pot, or your cigarettes. I don't care if you want your doctor to help you commit suicide. It's not my business. I feel all of those things fall under freedom of religion, and that the condemnation of gays is a mistranslation.

So, let me say this one more time...

I am not a BIGOT, I am not a HOMOPHOBE, and I am not here to stand in your way of enjoying your life.

So please, stop calling me names. I have nothing to do with Westboro, nothing to do with the anti abortion bombings, and nothing to do with George Tiller's murder.

I just want to live my life and love my God.
Please, feel free to live your life.

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