Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Freebies and Other fun things

Well, I updated our computer virus protection software today with a free offer from McAfee. A free six month trial, which considering my propensity for freebie sites, updated virus protection is crucial. I also maintained my PC today, by cleaning up toolbars I don't use and other programs, and then running disk clean up and disk defragmenter. A healthy PC is a happy PC, and keeps my mailbox full of freebies!

This weeks freebies consisted of a nice package of dog food from purina one, a single paper towel (I kid you not) from bounty. A conservative bumper sticker with a request for a donation, the address labels that St. Judes sent around, and two giant packages of boxes from the post office to assist in my ebay ventures. I have over 900swagbucks so that's ten bucks worth of amazon gift cards for Christmas!

Speaking of Ebay, I'm giving it another two weeks. I've netted ten bucks out of two hours worth of work and a bunch of stress... I'm going to get all the expensive stuff I want on in the next two weeks while they are offering free insertion fees for any starting price auction style format, and then I think I'm going to retire my gavel in favor of the yard sale style format. I think the boxes may help, but I made mistakes in shipping prices on at least one item, and lost .45 of my total profit.

Speaking of freebies, my giveaway will end tonight when I get back from running errands, so you have time to click the "follow" button... and don't run away when it's done! I have more good, solid freebies coming your way!

What are your favorite online freebie sites

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