Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Defense of Modesty...

I spend a lot of time over at the prizes, giveaways, the political discussion, and a lot of the bloggers. The militant mommying, not so much. From carseats to breastfeeding, express a dissenting opinion, and the naysayers come out in force.

I've seen hundreds of opinions expressing that it's perfectly ok to breastfeed in public. Even that you should encourage a nursing mom not to hide. Personally, this nursing mom thinks it's bull. Breastfeeding is my choice, and every witty word has been expressed by loftier thinkers than I extolling its virtues. But the bottom line is, it still involves a breast. A part of the body that is considered highly sexual in nature. Heck, not even considered. Breasts are fondled, photographed, fantasized about, and exposure in a film is strictly PG13. Men (and some women) see them and think sex, sex, sex. What is so hard to understand about that?

Nursing a baby changes your relationship with your breasts. Suddenly, they are function over form, and nurturing hormones flood your body every time you do it. It's good for you, it's great for baby, and it's completely free. No wonder women get so enamored with the right to do it. No wonder they stand up, passionately, for their right to do so. No wonder witty words abound.

I will never be one of those women. I think a breast is a breast and it belongs in a shirt. I believe that it is easy enough to feed your baby modestly and still go about your life, without forcing your opinions, and the sight of your breasts on everyone surrounding you. Nursing accessories abound to help people stay covered. I've breastfed three babies, for over four years of my life. When my baby is hungry, we find a quiet, private place to go, where both of us can concentrate on nursing.

I can't imagine that many babies nurse well in a public environment. I know none of mine do, even if I go in a bathroom to settle down with Angelbaby, she's looking around every second there is a noise. It seems like public nursing is more for the convenience or political stand of the mom. It sure doesn't serve the baby, if they are like mine.

That's just me. I know the militant mommies abound. I understand their passion. But please don't tell me I don't need to cover up, or that my parenting skills are somehow inferior because I have respect for others around me. I will continue to go and find someplace quiet, where no one else has to look at my breasts. I will sympathize with people who find public breastfeeding "icky". I will continue to live and let live.

It's your right to breastfeed in public. It's my right not to. Neither one of us is a better parent than the other because of this.

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