Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 1: The Great Adventure Begins

Over the weekend, we made a momentous decision. We are moving! Into our first HOUSE!!!!! I have three months with which to clean up, consolidate, and otherwise compress our lives. We have a lot of crap. Ridiculous amounts. My affinity for the end caps at Target coupled with an inability to resist a great deal has lead to my house turning into the Land That Time Forgot. I also HATE to put things in a landfill that can otherwise be used. Freecycle is my friend, of course, but I also HATE to get rid of something, only to have to reacquire it late.

The result? You can't get into the attic of the tiny "3" bedroom apartment, without climbing a stack of perilously placed Christmas gift, boxes of toys, and bags of clothing I haven't worn since 1998. HMMMM.

So, this begins my adventure. I will chronicle the event of my perilous struggle to remove the crap from this home before it sidles it's way into the next home. While being as ecofriendly (read: frugal) as possible.

I have a list. I have a plan. I hope, at the end of this, I will have managed to make money off this move. Is it impossible? No, I think not.

Do you have any advice for me?

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Scout's Honor said...

I too have an affinity to the Target end caps as well as the desire to never throw away anything that I might need in the future. I've been watching Hoarders lately and CG keeps giving me sidelong glances to which I give him the bird. Our hallways are free.So I haven't parked in two of the three garages we have--so what! It's his crap too. :)Congrats on starting blogging, my friend.