Monday, April 16, 2012

Deals too good to pass up at Giant this week

Even in my non-couponing state, there are some deals that are just too good to pass up!

Included this week:

FREE 2 oz packages of Oscar Meyer lunch meat. They are buy 4, get $4 off instantly. Priced at just a dollar each, these are instantly free. Note: this is NOT in your circular, the deal will be detailed out on store tags. The $1 lunch meat may not have the tags, but you will see the package on the other tags nearby. Please only buy four per transaction, that way, the instant savings will ALWAYS come off. Some local couponers are mentioning problems with the turkey, but the ham worked for sure for me today. Thanks, for the mommas!

Puffs plus money maker! If you buy 3 boxes of Puffs plus cubes, at $1.25 each, you'll get 20 cents off per gallon of gas. If you have a vehicle that takes 30 gallons of gas, or can fill up a couple of gas cans to make thirty dollars, you'll save six dollars in gas for every $3.75 you spend. Sweet deal! Thanks to Ed's friend Jimmy for sending me this one.

Free Iced Tea bottles: You can print a coupon for $1 off one, or $.75 off one Gold Peak Tea, on The .75 off one will double to a dollar, so you can score up to four free bottles. Remember that Giant only doubles the FIRST like coupon, so you must do two transactions if you want to use two .75 off one and get both for free. If not, you'll pay .25 for one (still a nice deal).

Kashi is also providing a $5 coupon ONYO if you buy five items. Recyclebank and both are offering coupons that work well for this deal:

What I did:

You can print one $2 off Kashi coupon PER DAY at Recyclebank. So, I've been printing for four days, in order to have $8 off. Then, I got one $1 off a Kashi steam meal, so this was my deal:

buy four packages of Kashi TLC crackers @ $2.50 each
buy one frozen Kashi meal, @2.50
Total, $12.50
use, $9 in coupons
Pay, $3.50

Get $5 off my next order. You still have enough time to try and make this deal, but I had a LOT of recyclebank points saved up. The coupons are 75 points each. As usual, I learned all this good stuff on For The Mommas You should totally check her out, she rocks!


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