Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMG. My poor blog!

This summer is going by in a major whirlwind, people. The past couple of days the kids have been sick, rotating some rare disease through the ranks with lightning speed. Okay, it's just a virus, but it's whipped all three of my usually vivacious children in rapid succession.

I've been amassing free school supplies and cheap printer paper. The school actually sent me out a list prior to the beginning of school this year, which I hope is due to my multiple emails complaining about the practice of sending a list home somewhere in the first week of school, after the sales were over. We also had a large party here for the second (!!!!) birthday of my baby girl and have begun flirting with the process of potty training, weaning, and evicting the young one from my bed. All at the same time.

I'm hoping tomorrow they all feel better. I have to go and do the prep for dinner for thirty or so to celebrate the July birthdays at my in laws, as well as topping off my coupon shopping for the week and getting my trip ready for Sunday morning.

I have to say the couponing is well worth the effort, but I'm afraid to stop acquiring free shampoo because I don't know when it (or if!!) it cycles out of sale. I'm limiting myself to a bottle or two a week though. It's really been rewarding. I've been able to go into my basement and fill bags with treats for neighbors who are having a hard time making ends meet rather than sitting there idly wishing there was SOMETHING I could do to help them. Our money is really too tight to be able to help every person that I know needs help, but I can always give away a sack of freebies.

It's a good feeling. Good enough that it helps me maintain my calm when I am confronted with bitchy, evil cashier badness. Like the kind I got at Shoprite on Wednesday. My shoprite transactions have settled into a nice routine. I make my list, get my items, check my coupons, mark the ones that shouldn't provide overage, go to my favorite sweet cashier, and check out. I'll even let people with one or two items go ahead of me and warn people about the length of my transaction.

Debbie (my personal cashier) did not work Wednesday. We went to the dentist, who is close to my Shoprite, and I decided to save the gas and take the trip then. It WAS a huge trip- Over $300 whittled down to $100 after my deals, instant savings, and coupons. My cart was loaded with meat, fruit, organic veggies, juices, etc. They also gave me a $25 gas card and $7 off my next order. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Except DURING the checkout, when the cashier in question kept saying, loudly, and with a LONG DRAWL, "TOO MANY COUPONS! TOO MANY COUPONS!!! TOO MANY COUPONS!!!!"

I wish I was kidding.

Now, I have NOT written the company to complain,largely because it's bad server Karma. I will complain, and the restaurant world will crash down around me. I know better. Some poor women got behind me in line and he yelled, "NO! She's got too many coupons!" The lady reached into her purse, pulled out an envelope that looked suspiciously like the one I had handed him at the beginning of my transaction, and waggled it under his nose.

I almost hugged her.

He muttered his 'too many coupons' mantra until I FINALLY reminded him he got the same hourly rate no matter how I paid my bill. At that point, the manager came over to swipe because my savings percentage was too high for the register (SQUEE!!!) and he said, "oh, you earned your gas gard."

Damn strait I earned my gas card.

I had a problem with Rite Aid, as well, this week. They had a special on clean and clear and I have a child turning 12. I bought two items, and some notebooks, and went to the register. I had some store credit to pay with- two rite aid coupons and two manufacturers coupons, One up reward and five items.

The fifth coupon beeped, and the cashier gave ME a hard time- said I had too many coupons. I quoted her corporate policy for her word for word and she said, "Well, the computer says no."
And I said, "Well, then you call your manager for an override."

I mean, seriously, what the heck? The MANAGER had no problem with the coupon or the override. Blasted cashiers. I understand your frustration. I do. But I go in with my best smile, my most professional attitude, and my well organized basket, and you give me crap. I don't understand this, because everyone is supposed to LOVE Heather.

It's a rule. Right?



Steph said...

I love your positive attitude. I thought, I hope she complains after such a terrible cashier experience. How dare he say such things to a customer?! But you taught me something in this post. Karma. You are right. But I hope you will at least write a letter explaining your frustration and the unprofessionalism you experienced. You keep doing what you do with your coupons!!!! I for one will be cheering you on! :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm lousy with coupons. Half the time I don't even remember to take the extra ones they slap on top of the items. Good job!

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