Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm not happy with Giant right now. Not even a little bit.

Giant is still running their Hershey Park promo through Saturday. I've already acquired two free tickets.

I would like to purchase another seventy five dollars worth of product to obtain another two free tickets. Do you hear me, Giant? I'm attempting to spend $150 in groceries in one week at your stores.

I'd like to buy something besides mayonnaise and juice boxes. So I've been trying, desperately, to obtain a list of all items included in the promotion. I may as well be talking to my bloody dog. Every time I call, I get told to look at the circular. When I mention there are approximately 100 tags in the store not included in the circular, I get a wide variety of reactions, to that's cool, to sullen silence, to, well, why don't you go to the store and look at the tags then? <-------- Giant customer service. Really? Really? They don't have a comprehensive list available, and if I want one, I have to go to the store, spend hours of my time researching, and then go back to do my shopping? Worst. Promotion. Ever. This is not organized. This is not done well. The staff is uneducated, and the person who is supposed to be providing customer service is an...well, let's not go there. I left a voice mail for his supervisor. Maybe my bad moodiness is attracting evilness and I should fix the bad karma with an ice cream cone. Photobucket

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