Friday, May 13, 2011

How to get 3,300 gas points in one week.

Times are tough, my friends.

I don't have to tell you that. Hopefully gas WILL go down soon, but until then, "pain at the pump" is such an overused cliche that I almost have guilt just from typing it.

Gas prices suck. The higher they go, the tighter money gets, and the harder I look for deal after deal to keep us not only in the black, but with enough money to have something of an entertainment budget for the hot days ahead of us. So, couponing and deal seeking has become my third job (or fourth, or fifth, I'm having a hard time keeping track at this point.) And I'm pretty proud of myself this week. I scored 3,300 gas points, and a chestful of meat and ice cream, to boot, for a pretty reasonable $172 dollars. Yes, I spent $172 on burgers, chicken wings, sausages, and ice cream, but with not one, but FOUR birthday parties to host over the summer, that is a relative steal. If I'd waited till the weeks before the parties, I'd be spending probably double that anyway.

So here's what I did, just in time for you to do it, too, if you happen to have an empty chest freezer and a couple of hundred dollars you can put on hold to fill it.

I made three trips to the store:
At the first, I bought:

6 containers of Greene's/Kemps Ice cream, 3 for $8, with the coupons that were in Sunday's paper.
4 Fiber one bars, 2 for five, using the $1 off coupons.

3 packages of meat for four hundred extra bonus points.

Next two trips:
300 point coupon

Six packages of meat (for each three you purchase off the list you get 400 gas points.

The key is to choose items that are NOT more than $1.99 a lb, or something you really like to eat at either the normal price you purchase it at OR LOWER. If you don't meet these conditions, you're just sliding your spending, you're not reducing it.

So at this point, next week's fill up will be at $3.30 off. Yippee! I'm excited so excited!

Actually, I'm headed back to Giant tonight or early tomorrow, because Smart Ones are six for ten, and I've got a coupon for five bucks off 12.

And while we're talking coupons, get a free market fresh chicken salad sandwich at Arby's when you buy a 22 oz pepsi. Like their facebook page to get the coupon!

There's a coupon in last Sunday's paper for 300 extra gas points with a $50 purchase at Giant. So I had two papers and bummed a third coupon for the third deal.


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