Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute Handmade Bows

Between all my couponing, I'm really funny about supporting home businesses. I like to give my money to the little guy, and really don't like buying from China.

I picked up these bows for my daughter's 4th birthday, but set the package aside and she saw pink and grabbed. She won't let me take them out of her hair now, so I wanted to take a moment to spotlight the bows and the wonderful lady who makes them. Again, I'm breaking my rule about posting pics of the girls, but it's worth it for this sweet etsy shop.

Aren't they beautiful! The two beautiful handmade bows AND the sweet necklace were only twelve dollars. The only problem is now she doesn't want to take them off for nap time.

If you've got little girls to buy gift for, please check out CrownofBows Etsy Shop for sweet, handmade, and original gift items.


Suze said...

Thank you!!!

Kimberley said...

Aww, cute little bows for a cute little girl :)