Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My house has been cursed with a plague.

It's evil. I don't know what I've done too the universe to deserve this, but I'm STILL going from ill child to ill child to run down mommy. Watching online clips of TLC's Extreme Couponing has given me self doubt about my money management skills, and I've stepped up my effort to lower our already minuscule grocery bill.

This is now taking up about 8 hours a week. The other catch is, I really need to get used to buying things I don't need for the week. I spent thirty dollars this morning- and for that I received two bottles of salad dressing, three cans of pineapple, two containers of coffee creamer that I love but never buy, two bottles of alfredo sauce, two containers of sour cream, a big bottle of body wash, 3 containers of Crystal Light, 3 mangoes, 2 boxes of simply gogurt (no hfcs, also no Scooby on the label. This produced a meltdown)1 box of triscuits pepper crackers, 2 pounds of sausage. Not a bad haul. The totals prior to all the discounts came to $95. Triscuit dollar of one coupon is on their facebook page.

I learned that if I want any of the Freebies from CVS I probably need to go at 8 am Sunday morning, and that Tuesday is NOT the day for me to go to Weis. Weis evidently offers a senior discount of 5% on groceries for the above 55 set- the place was jam packed, wall to wall, with people with multiple carts of groceries. I had forgotten the option to bring a grandparent...it appears that many people did not, however. I wonder about the ethics of this. Is it unethical to take your mom shopping so you can snag her sweet 5 percent off?

I don't think I'll be partaking in this trend.

CVS was out of two out of three things I'd gone in for, and I was slightly aggravated because I spent probably three post-childcare hours matching coupon to deal. Oh well, my fault for being lazy and taking all THREE hours I got of sleep Sunday morning. I know better now!

Better luck next week!



Suze said...

Hope the babies feel better soon and good luck for next week!

Michelle Saunderson said...

I hope you all get better soon.

Kittie Howard said...

I hope you and the babies feel better soon. There's a really nasty crud out there that lingers and lingers. Hub and I both had it...whatever it was, it really sapped the energy.

Thanks for the CVS tip. I'm thinking of joining Croupon.

Carol said...

Your mother-in-law is not old enough for you to get a discount!

wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

Hope you all feel better soon :)

New follower from last week's blog hop! Hope you can stop by and return the follow :)


Dawn said...

New follwer fron Thursday Hop. Please follow back when you have the chance. Thanks! =)


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Michelle said...

Hope everyone in your house feels better soon! Could you get a raincheck at CVS? A lot of times they'll do that and raincheck your coupons as well. have a great Thursday!