Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I want from you as a blog reader.

Dear Bloggers,
I don't really feel I rank among you as of yet. In fact, I'm totally amazed at the amount of people stopping by...even if I am totally promoting the living daylights out of this thing.

I read a lot of what you guys write-I look at your amazing blog designs with greedy eyes and wish I had an eighth of your talent.

But I have a wish list. A big, long one. As I sit here thinking of cute and clever ways to say dog shit for my next post. (Seriously, anybody got anything?) I'm visiting blogs and returning comments.

I'm amazed at the amount of things that don't work. Buttons. All the time, buttons. I WANT to like you on facebook. I want you to like me on Facebook. I want a giant like fest. I'd love to follow you on twitter, unless you tweet four hundred links to all your reviews every day and don't return the follow love.

What I don't want is to hit the button twelve times and have it not do anything because it's not configured properly. I've done this. It's embarrassing, I know. But still, I would want someone to tell me. So, I'm telling all of you. Please. Go click all your buttons.

Set up your contests so that I can enter them. If you post on a hop, and I see you've got a contest, I'll enter it. And if you've got extra entries available, I'll do them. I figure, I'm helping you out, and Karma might be good to me. Please don't tell me to "like" something and not leave me a link to whatever it is. I only search once, if I can't find it within the first scroll, I move on. Less comments for your giveaway.

Write original stuff. Or semi original, or quasi original. Or maybe even just a note about the content that you are linking too. I want to say something nice to you. I do. A list of links doesn't help that process.

Yeah, I still can't think of a nice way to say dog shit. This is just getting embarrassing.

Well, blog hoppers and friends, wish me luck. And go check your buttons. I'll be watching.


9 comments: said...
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It's ironic how many times my buttons get pushed even though I don't have a single one on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! From time to time (example today) I would spend a few hours checking my entire blog content, posts, labels, feeds, pages and links. I get tired if I have to go through and find a link for something as well.

Oh and if something is wrong with one of my buttons, don't feel obliged to let me know!

Enjoy your night :)

Cyn said...


Good point -- I shall recheck all my buttons asap!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, Love this!! Thank you for saying what we are thinking!

Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy said...

my buttons work :)
...and I try my hardest to post original material lol, no link lists here...I havent had a whole lot of originality to share lately hence my quietness these days, finally got tired of bitching about snow & cold (got tired of reading it EVERYWHERE first lol), BUT Spring is on it's way with sunshine & happy thoughts...and watch out for the dog shit lol literally

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

Reminds me of telling someone their zipper is down. I think I have checked, checked again, and rechecked all of my buttons. I don't do giveaways....but it always seems like a lot of work to enter one. What ever happened to a box with a slit and tickets?

Love your true!

Amanda said...

You are so cute! I feel the same way sometimes...don't worry, we'll get there! Thanks for following me - and I'm here to return the favor.

Keep on writing!!!

XLMIC said...

lol... I'm a new follower. I recently did a post and mentioned how much I hate picking up after dogs... we don't have any now and I DID pick up after them when we did :) I think I called it 'POOP'. But, see, I let my kids read my blog... forces me to use words like 'POOP' instead of shit. Of course, if I were talking to my friends, I'd be saying 'shit' ;-) Ha! I just checked... I called it "steaming hot poo." Is that nicer?