Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day: it's a daddy thing.

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I've got a pretty full life. Three little girls-They sparkle, they glow, they...absorb. Every little bit of me. Most of my husband. We love them with everything we have, everything we are...sun up to sun down.

We've both given up tons to embark on the parenthood journey. Me, a career that I positively adored, in favor of yoga pants and constant grammar and etiquette lessons. Him, the idea of EVER having his own spending money, weekly guys nights out drifting into monthly and finally, bi-annually.

Neither of us saw where we'd be now, even five years ago. To say our path has changed drastically is, well, an understatement. It's done a complete 180 at about 90 miles an hour.

I couldn't be happier. Most days, neither could he.

We don't purchase gifts for Valentine's day anymore. Just a card...but every year, we carry out a tradition started by my own father. The kids get a gift from daddy.

This is a very important tradition. It was started by my own father, many years ago, and my gift was a box of chocolates, left on my bed, each year. I can't even begin to put into words what that chocolate meant to me... but it was wonderful. The year I got my braces, I actually cried, convinced I wouldn't have my present.

I hadn't heard of all soft centers. There, on my sunshine and roses bed spread, my dad had fulfilled our tradition. It was a priceless minute, etched in my memory for ever. That in itself is kind of amazing...I can remember so little these days.

And so it continues. Daddy, each year, has something special for his little girls.

This year, I'm designing a special card for daddy, though. I'm really excited about it! I've used Shutterfly for colleges before, but I've never thought of having them do cards for us! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!

Shutterfly also offers an assortment of gifts that is truly amazing. You can make a book starring your children and their favorite characters. I'm thinking Diego for MissAngelLittleGirl.

You can also custom make Christmas cards and thank you cards for a fraction of the cost of other sites.

I KNOW some of you super mommies will LOVE putting your little angels faces on custom made Valentine's day cards, so Shutterfly is offering one lucky reader a code for twenty five FREE Valentines Day cards!

Just tell me below, What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Make sure you leave an email where you can be contacted if you win! (unless it's accessible on your profile.)

The fine print: I found out about this offer on Shutterfly is giving me 25 cards for me, and 25 for one of you! Thanks for dropping by and entering! Promotion ends February 3rd at 3pm EST.


April said...

This year Valentines for me is a bit different. My husband is taking my 3 year old daughter out for dinner and to a father/daughter dance. So this year it is the start of teaching our daughter how a man should treat her in the future! I am so excited for my hubby and daughter to have a wonderful night! :) She is super excited to wear her new pink dress! Valentines day is about love and we love our daughter and one day she will have a man in her life who will be excited to show his love and affection to her!

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Email for April is aprillivingwell@gmail... I was signed in under wrong gmail account! OOPS

Anonymous said...

Posted by Rebecca

Valentine's Day used to be a holiday for Seth and I, with small presents and cards. Our first Valentine's Day with Anthony, a new tradition began. I received a handmade card with a small hand traced on it (he was only 2 months old). Since then, I would receive scribbled cards with some of Seth's handwriting saying things like "I love Mommy". Then after Patrick was born it became "We love Mommy." I know when they make the cards because I am sent on some errand, or banished to the Family Room. Each year the scribbling turns into pictures, and now Anthony and Patrick can both write the words for their own cards. I still get my scribble card from Anna though. One day, they might think it is lame to make these cards with their dad-but I hope that day never comes.

Anonymous said...

It means that you get to remind each other of how you feel because so much of the rest of the year people tend to forget.

Amee said...

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Soap Box said...

I just LOVE finding small tokens for my family :) It's just a day full of love for us (and sweets lol)

Bill said...

Valentines Day means that a day later, all candy will be half price and I can stock up on all of it!

Anonymous said...

Valentines Day was created by the Pilgrims in 1492 when Alexander Hamilton gave Sacagawea some colored eggs and a Cadbury Creme Egg to thank her for the nice Thanksgiving Dinner she made them.

Mo 'Betta said...

What a cute idea! I'll have to share that with my hubs. Thanks for visiting, now following!

Brooke Douglass said...

Valentine's Day means a day full of love! I love and show my love to my kiddos and husband aily but this day means I do evn more. I go out of my way to shoow them just how much they mean to me. My husband just got a new job and I stay at home with the kids so money is tight. There won't be any special gifts but I will do my best with what I have! Brooke

Suze said...

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steven said...

All to often we as human beings tend to get so involved with our daily lives that we can sometimes forget to let those around us know we care. For others, it may simply be a difficult task to express ones emotions openly. While of course there is the romantic component which encompasses the holiday, there is also the common friendship and sense of togetherness that all human beings crave and share. This particular holiday allows for a medium for individuals to express compassion for one another in a commonly accepted manner. This can be especially important for children who may often have self esteem issues or may not adapt well socially amongst their peers. As for adults, those of us who are males, it is a nice way for us to show our girlfriends/wives how much we truly care and cherish their companionship. Girls often like to hear the expression "I love you" on a consistent basis, yet many males (including myself) often do not say enough. Valentines day is one of the few days a year, with the exception of ones anniversary, that such an open expression may be made if not through words but physical gestures; dinner, flowers, jewelry, etc. Since so many options are available, a man can tailor these gestures to fit the unique profile of his female companion. Since no to females are alike, it is the mans job to make sure his gestures are in tuned with her likes and desires. By doing so effectively, the male is demonstrating how much he truly cares for his women even if he does not seem to get it right the rest of the year. So to sum it up, for those of us in relationships Valentines Day allows us to show how much we care even if we forget to say it all the time, and for those of us not it is simply a way to show the compassion we human beings may have towards one another.