Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working has its pitfalls...

I'm tired.

Picking up an extra shift this week seemed nothing short of a dream going into the holidays. And it was busy. The kind of busy that inspires dreams/nightmares depending on the day... both days I got there early and both days required early clocking in. My section was full immediately and stayed that way till way past dinner.

 Like I said, heaven or hell depending on the day.

 Both last night and this morning, I'm paying the price in toddler beatings. The tiny one will not let me out of her sight for eight seconds, and that includes bathroom and/or sleep time, and the middle one has implanted herself so thoroughly on my lap that I'm typing this one handed at points. Should I choose to extract myself from the mass of limbs, and say, get a cup of coffee, I'll endure screams of anger and frustration, and then the thundering of *tiny* feet chasing me through the house. That's okay, this coffee sucks anyway.

One night to go...different grandparents watching the little monsters. I wish them all the luck in the world. Right now, I'm going to attempt to clean up the kitchen from last night's midnight soup supper while two children ride my feet like horses.

 Why my legs aren't thinner, I'll never know.

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