Saturday, November 13, 2010

So, I'm blogging to procrastinate right now...

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning.

My kids are still in their pajamas, my kitchen bears the scars of my husband having two days off... I worked Thursday, and yesterday, while my husband detailed my car for tonight's party of the century... the baby pretty much sat on my head. She's running around right now, face stuffed with whole grain chocolate chip muffin, a large portion smeared across her chin.

The muffins are homemade, and really good. They aren't caramel, so of course they are perfect!

Speaking of caramel, I did attempt a second batch the next day, and although it didn't reek of burnt plastic, it was still predictably awful.  Might as well have been eating sand.


 I have a whole house to clean, bread dough to make, a party to get gorgeous for, and babies to play with.

 Guess I'll just sit here and drink my coffee.

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