Monday, November 1, 2010

Giveaways around the net...

There's a couple of good ones I wanted to post about... give everyone a chance at a bit of fun.. Jenny over at Hands full of Happiness is offering a wonderful little giveaway- a wonderful little elastic powered boat, sourced responsibly. It's really very cute. I'm sitting this one out, because, well, my kids really don't need another bath toy, but she's got a great blog and offers some great prizes.

The beginning of the month brings around Allure's free stuff offers...It's usually the first five hundred responders, so it pays to be online at noon for the first couple days of the month!

Embracelets designs is offering a gorgeous holiday wreath necklace, $58 dollar value, to one luck follower. She has a half a ton of ways to enter, so be sure to read them all thoroughly and get as many entries as you like!

 You can get a free Renuzit adjustable cone by liking them on Facebook.

Good luck and happy voting tomorrow!


Edward said...

And why are we passing on a boat???

lovinangels said...

Please, feel free.