Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Swagbuck and not lose your mind...

I've tossed aside my idea of completely funding Christmas via Swagbucks. It just takes more time than I've got. Not only do you have to aggressively complete surveys and special offers, but you have to keep track of each and every one, and make sure they pay. This only happens on its own, once every three or four tasks.

And when they don't pay? You begin the harrowing task of arguing with a computer for your points. WAY not cool. When it takes me four hours and nine conversations to earn twenty cents, I'm wasting my time.

However, the search engine IS worth the trouble. I earned fifteen dollars in gift cards last month just using the search engine instead of any other search engine, and will continue to do that and watch for codes. It may not fund Christmas completely, but every penny is a penny I didn't have to wait on tables for. (even though I do love that).

Sometimes, time really is money. Or in this case...washed dishes, clean floors, and snuggled babies. Yeah, I'll take the easy road here.

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