Thursday, September 2, 2010

Those effing bastards....


 I'm trying to be as positive as possible with my experience with Budget Truck Rental...It's getting to be pretty darn difficult.Difficult enough that I'm typing instead of finding the Tylenol for the raging headache it's given me.

As anyone who's read this little bit of cyberspace for any length of time knows, the first thing I did was set up a sweet deal on moving truck. I called Tuesday to confirm the truck, and was told...NO. They didn't have a truck for me. However, another location did, and they transferred the reservation. I immediately called the other location, and confirmed my reservation.

Showed up Wednesday morning...NO RESERVATION.

Deep breath.

The girl at the counter, who was a real sweetheart, remembered me from the phone the day before, and got me set up with a much bigger truck at the same cost as the first. Even though it took precious minutes from my moving day, we were soon sailing away smoothly. I even heard her confirm the reservation transfer on the phone.

 Brought the truck back this morning, smoother sailing, nice and full of diesel, even swept the bed out because that was in the contract, and was told no one does that.

 I know. That sucker was filthy.

Checked out with the original agreed upon price.

 Only... and here comes the effing bastards part, to find that they charged me a fifty dollar no show fee from the original place that didn't have my truck. AND they can't fix it till tomorrow, because the fee hasn't cleared.

Those effing bastards. Never again.

Update: As of 10 am Budget has confirmed that they did screw up and will refund my money. However, they still don't have it, so they can't do it until it clears.

Update #2: They eventually did refund my money, with multiple apologies. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I would rent from them again. But I would make sure I was flush fifty bucks to cover me in case they decide to attempt robbery.

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