Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swagbucks Troubles

I have come to a difficult time in my swagbucks conquest. I've gotten four amazon gift cards and several other trinkets in my swagbucking, with relatively little work and follow up. I had to follow up once, but my credits were rewarded promptly as soon as I filled out the customer service complaint form.

Then, I had a particularly good day yesterday and today, completing five free offers and a survey, for what should have been a total of over 600 hundred swagbucks, which equals about 6.00 in prizes.


I duly filled out the complaint. Two of the offers simply required you to view a page... I did that, and then, customer service requested a confirmation email. The fact that the status said "viewed" should have been enough, but no, they want confirmation. I know, every website sends out a confirmation to your email every time you click a page, right? Expect yours from me in 5...4...3...

I argued this. Of course. I received word that I would hear from a customer service agent in three business days.

Another offer I went straight to the company that made the offer, to find that SuperRewards had misquoted their offer, and I should have my swagbucks already. I forwarded this to SuperRewards... to hear that I would hear from them in... three business days.

A final offer was particurly trying... you had to take a quiz, and then dodge seemingly endless offers and requests for your cell phone number while staying on till the end to get your score... which I did, and.... nothing. I emailed customer service with my score... and you guessed it! They want a confirmation email! I responded that the company doesn't send emails with your score... well, let's just say they'll get back to me in...
any guesses?

I have every intention of following through with this. It's ridiculous to think that I wasted my time filling out these offers to not receive my prize. A host of complaints is visible on the Swagbucks Facebook page, but an email directly to swagbucks simply referred me back to SuperRewards.

So frustrating.

Update: all but two items have been awarded. I did at one point threaten to call both the better business bureau and the PA attorney general, but eventually they saw to reason.

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