Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swagbucks- my latest and greatest addiction.

If you're looking to save money and get free stuff, and you are skipping out on the swagbucks, you are truly missing out.

Look to the right of you- see the swidget? Click sign up. Complete the registration.
Begin the madness.

I've been "swaggering" for a little over a week, and have already earned enough for two father's day cards, a coupon book, and a five dollar amazon gift card.

An amazon gift card...hmmmmmm, that gives me an idea. A new and secondary challenge for your humble blogger. What if I could pay for Christmas with Swagbucks? Can it be done? My Christmas budget eeks over $700 every year. To be fair, I have purchased several gifts already...(does seven hundred dollars crawl out of YOUR budget in one month? I don't think so.)

I have to admit, the searches are a gateway drug. I've taken surveys, I've completed offers, and I've searched for codes. It's all found money.

Think I can do it? I do! 4 dollars down, 696 to go.

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